Im 26yo Young Blackman live in Baltimore,Maryland. I'm NiceGuy and Proud of it. Reality check: Nice guys finish last because we make sure our woman comes first. #realtalk. StraightEdge Elitist cuz I'm better Then You yeah i said it....YOU MAD? STAY MAD! lol I'm also a "Conspiracy Theorist" and full of Common Sense and Good Judgement and Old Fashioned. I'm a good person and i take pride in doing the right thing not the popular thing. This blog will offend you...why? Cuz no one likes the truth. CAUTION: One of the side-effects of reading what i post is increased intelligence.

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She would be a perfect girlfriend for me. We would look like a great couple.

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    wow…..why do i feel so old? lol like she shouldn’t look this old
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    black beautiful.
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    Nessa look good!
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    Vanessa’s all grown up!
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