Im 25yo Young Blackman live in Baltimore,Maryland. I'm NiceGuy and Proud of it. Reality check: Nice guys finish last because we make sure our woman comes first. #realtalk. StraightEdge Elitist cuz I'm better Then You yeah i said it....YOU MAD? STAY MAD! lol I'm also a "Conspiracy Theorist" and full of Common Sense and Good Judgement and Old Fashioned. I'm a good person and i take pride in doing the right thing not the popular thing. This blog will offend you...why? Cuz no one likes the truth. CAUTION: One of the side-effects of reading what i post is increased intelligence.

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An EP, Of Beats and Strings for the easy listener, looking to fly high


released 13 June 2011 
All songs written By J. Mitchell, Guitar J. Mitchell, additional Production Exile, Taraach, Seven Davis jr

Violent Anti-African Race Riot Rocks Israel, Black Men and Women Beaten ↘

4-1-14 The Voice of Reason - “The Beauty Industrial Complex”

Can a Black Woman’s self-esteem be found in her makeup kit? Are Black Women more attractive in their natural state or in a “Westernized” look? (makeup & weave)

Join Zo along with Brandi Magee and Whitney Taber as they discuss the Beauty Industrial Complex. And make sure you tune into the Voice of Reason on www.rmconlive.com at 11am to 1pm PST

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