Im 25yo Young Blackman live in Baltimore,Maryland. I'm NiceGuy and Proud of it. Reality check: Nice guys finish last because we make sure our woman comes first. #realtalk. StraightEdge Elitist cuz I'm better Then You yeah i said it....YOU MAD? STAY MAD! lol I'm also a "Conspiracy Theorist" and full of Common Sense and Good Judgement and Old Fashioned. I'm a good person and i take pride in doing the right thing not the popular thing. This blog will offend you...why? Cuz no one likes the truth. CAUTION: One of the side-effects of reading what i post is increased intelligence.

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Nitty Scott, MC - The Art Of Chill ↘

Black Man Works to Raise $5M For an All Boys Academy For Black Boys ↘

Educator Launches Initiative To Fund All-Black Boys Academy ↘

Last night, Combat Jack sat down with Jay Z’s former partner to talk about his displeasure with the record industry’s top execs who he claims are “culture vultures” making millions in profit off of black creativity. Within in the first 15 minutes Dame recounts a time he had to put them paws on Mr. Tanning of America, Steve Stoute. Take out some time and listen all the way through, it’s definitely worth it.

Monster Kody Sanyika Shakur & Tupac Shakur Phone Conversation 10/18/1995

"This was me and Tupac’s first conversation. This was October 18th 1995. i had just gotten out of Pelican a month before, and Pac had been out a couple of days. We did not know We were being recorded. My wife pressed record on the answering machine and unbeknown to either of us, caught some bomb ass history. Ya’ll enjoy this, and check out Pac and how positive he was. This is Classic shit. It’s Shakur thang." - Monster Kody Sanyika Shakur

Now that we’ve heard what PAC wanted to do, can we get together and still make it happen?